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LithotripsyMain1Midwest Stone Management provides both fixed site and transportable “spark gap” and “electromagnetic” lithotripter systems. Extracorporeal shock wave lithotripsy is the least invasive treatment modality for urinary stones. The lithotripters use motion picture x-ray for stone visualization and localization. The lithotripters then utilize shockwave technology delivered through an in-unit column of water next to which the patient is positioned. The “firing” of the shockwaves can be controlled to coordinate with the patient’s cardiac cycle if deemed necessary. It typically takes 35-45 minutes of treatment and up to 2,000 or more shocks to crumble the stone into particles small enough to pass through the urinary system.

Midwest Stone Management has performed over 105,000 lithotripsy procedures since 1986 making our organization one of the most experienced providers of shock wave lithotripsy services in the entire country.